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My background spans HR and corporate communications in financial services, management consulting with some of the world's most successful businesses and, most recently, a unique position on the Board of retailer, John Lewis & Partners.

I’m a Visiting Fellow of Nottingham Business School, an Independent Member for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Housing Trust, listee in EMPower’s annual Top 100 Ethnic Minority Executives and one of the Center for Synchronous Leadership’s ‘Changemakers’. 


And I’m just getting warmed up!


I’ve always been drawn to the human story and the potential of people to achieve great things. I’ve worked with some truly inspiring individuals and along the way I’ve discovered the ability to engage leaders, teams and whole organisations in profound conversation.

I'm warm and relatable and able to bring new perspectives on critical business opportunities by understanding individual mindsets, team dynamics and how to enable people to create amazing outcomes together. I’m interested in making a difference with and for people who want their businesses to endure over the long term and make positive contributions to broader society.

Visit my coaching site here.

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