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This privacy statement is regarding the General Data Protection Regulation changes which came into force on May 25th 2018.  As a result of the new regulations, organisations will need to obtain permission to hold and store personal data of all individuals. New Vantage Consulting has appointed the Directors who accept overall responsibility for all data captured and stored.

As a client or contact of New Vantage Consulting, we may need to hold your contact data on our database such as your name, company, address, email address and telephone number. This information is used either for contacting you by email or telephone and potentially to send you information through the post. We only collect data that is required for operational purposes. This information is held on a secure database and/ or in the contact lists held on company laptops and fully password protected.


We would never sell or pass on your data to any third parties.

In addition to our database, we may also hold manual records in client folders at our central office.  These files contain a manual record of the details above and are for the convenience of our staff should we be unable to access our database in instances such a power cut or internet connection problems.


All information on the database or in manual records is held for the entire time that you remain a client or active contact of New Vantage Consulting and it is our policy to retain our records for a maximum of 6 years.  You have the right to apply to us for a copy of the personal data being held and, after we have confirmed your identity, we have up to one month to get this information to you.  If the details are inaccurate, you can ask for us to amend them. We will never make a charge for this request.


You also have the right to be forgotten whereby all information stored on you will be deleted upon requested.

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