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Before I explain what I offer, some context...

We are facing an ever increasing number of transformational opportunities, and existential threats - Covid 19 being the most significant example we've seen in generations.

We expect our leaders to be of sound judgement, accountable, open to scrutiny, without fault and capable of sustaining contribution under great pressure. And leadership can be very lonely. Often, the more senior you are, the lonelier it gets.


Our systems of work can reinforce narrow framing, self-protection and reliance on the practices of the past, when we could be critically thinking and dreaming of new solutions and creations.


Senior leaders are expected to be everything to everyone. Yet we often fail to consider the needs of leaders themselves. Are we creating the best conditions for the human being that sits in the leadership seat?


Most senior leaders are not afforded the ongoing opportunity to explore and address these well known, seldom acknowledged realities.


It’s time to enable our leaders to embrace a different way of thinking and working. No, we can’t have it all. But we can have so much more than today.


Here’s where I come in.

Leadership Counsel

Successful businesses are increasingly recognising the value of investing in leadership capability, particularly in testing times. 


But this isn’t management training nor is it the current phenomenon of leadership coaching. 


Seeking Leadership Counsel puts a non-exec in your pocket. 


Even the senior most leaders benefit from objective, experienced thinking and challenge, invested in the organisation's success.


I can help you retain the big picture, safely check, challenge and clarify your thinking and ultimately sustain your personal effectiveness and resilience. 


This is not a one-off intervention, it involves the development of a relationship, a robust understanding of your context, an appreciation of the realities of your opportunities and the nature of your challenges.


Read some of my testimonials here.

Leadership Counsel

Team Cohesion

Vested in your team’s success, I bring the independent role of 'critical friend’ to your top table.


My focus is to listen, observe and understand both the individual perspective and the collective dynamic, my ultimate aim being to support and help executive teams become more cohesive in order to transform intent to action.


I will also bring outside-in thinking to your executive team, challenge them to seek inspiration from more diverse sources and bring them business realities as seen and heard from staff. 


Executive teams grow together, face highs and lows together. It pays to take the time to invest in the dynamic of your top team, unlock individual potential and explore ways of further informing and uniting them in order to define and deliver greater success.

Executive Cohesion

Purpose & Engagement

As our institutions scale and the systems in which they exist become ever more complex, an extraordinarily important thing is often lost - alignment between purpose, strategy and the conditions that allow your people to flourish. 


Most businesses will have had a founding purpose, often inclusive of intentions to reach well beyond profit alone. However, it’s natural for human and organisational behaviour to create distance and separation between the founding purpose and what a business ultimately becomes.


I offer an expert perspective and intervention to support a return to - or discovery of - that alignment, whilst considering how the experience of your staff is supporting, or compromising your aims.

I will work to understand the true founding purpose of your business, become immersed in your strategy - and the execution of it - and root out disconnects. I will then help you develop plans for reinvigorating and realigning the business to your strategy and bringing your people fully onboard. 


Want to talk about how this could work for your business? Get in touch.

Strategic Alignment
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