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When I began drafting this piece....

...the aim of which is to describe what I do so you immediately pick up the phone and hire me...I was desperate to avoid predictable, over-used business speak for fear of losing you before we got started. It's tricky though!

There really are no better words than ‘improvement & change' and ‘creative communications’ to describe what I do. And I don’t just work with businesses, I have a passion for not-for-profit too.


In summary; if you need to develop or deliver something of importance, or think you do but need some direction, I can help.

So let’s get straight to some practical examples to bring the work I do to life. Once you’ve read this, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I develop and deliver projects to ‘change the way we do things around here’, or ‘get us going in the right direction’ such as:

Providing start-up advice, structure, direction and support for @BambuuBrush

Crafting useable process redesign methodology for North Hertfordshire Citizens Advice and up-skilling staff to enable them to drive their own improvement work going forward

Introducing a project methodology which enabled change leaders at Lloyds Banking Group to apply consistent structure to developing great customer experiences

Leading a transformational project, also for Lloyds Banking Group, which radically improved the way they measured customer experience, multi-channel.

Improvement & Change

I create and launch initiatives to persuade, educate and inspire. Some examples:

The Clean Up Britain educational resources, soon to be rolled out via Local Authorities to schools across the country

A Green Business Recognition scheme which has recently been awarded government funding to fully pilot across one Local Authority


Headway Hertfordshire’s Fundraising and Marketing strategy, including our Community Fundraising Toolkit. I then completed the same for North Hertfordshire Citizens Advice

The country’s first long-term behavioural change project on litter

All of my work is underpinned by a near-obsession with proportionate project planning, tracking and reporting. If you think I might be the right person for your job, get in touch!

I write, design and deliver copy and communications and create content such as:

The complete overhaul of the logo, website, marketing collateral and social media accounts for Headway Hertfordshire

The new website style and content, copy, imagery and blogs for

Clean Up Britain

Countless communication pieces across all the projects I delivered for Lloyds Banking Group, including multiple pieces of London 2012 communications during our major sponsorship of the 2012

Olympic Games.

Creative & Comms

And, more recently, we've started producing short films as a great way - particularly now - to deliver important communications and training content, share ideas or promote services and products.

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